The Ziggurat Builders

A collaborative project exploring the music of the voice and the ‘ūd from medieval to contemporary sounds, culminating in a new composition by Marcus Davidson for vocal trio (Voice), ‘ūd (Khyam Allami), and cello (Tara Franks).

2 x 45 minute programme

The title and libretto are taken from an existing poem by the late Iraqi Assyrian poet Sargon Boulus (1944-2007) translated from Arabic into English by the Author.

This programme is centred around a 25 minute work written by composer Marcus Davidson, which draws on the unique sounds and individual qualities of the vocal trio Voice and ‘ūd player Khyam Allami. The new piece explores the meeting of performing traditions from the east and west. Creating a new sound source for the, as yet, unexplored combination of ‘ūd, voice, and cello. Further info